George S. May



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He was golf's King of Promotion, and once on the grounds of George S. May's Tam O'Shanter Country Club, spectators discovered why, engulfed in an atmosphere more carnival than golf. From 1941 to 1958, his All-American and World Championship tournaments were the incubator for innovations in big-time golf. May was first with huge purses for players, with bleachers and scoreboards and numbers on players for spectators. The first televised tournament was his 1946 All-American. May was rewarded with huge crowds, but abandoned the tournaments when the tour wanted changes in his events. Until then, he was easy to find. Clad in his customary Hawaiian shirt, May would introduce Tam events with this proclamation: “Hurry, hurry, hurry ladies and gentlemen, this way to the biggest show in the great game of golf!”

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