On the ballot

Below are the nominees who will remain on the voting ballot for 2025, the next year that the Hall of Fame Selection Committee will review nominations and select the next class of inductees. All nominators are welcome to provide additional support materials for these nominees. Please contact Cate O'Brien at the Illinois Section PGA for further details.

  • Bauman, Doug (2027)
    DeYoung, Peter (2025)
  • Hammel, Rich (2027)
    Harrigan, Mike (2025)
  • Johnsen, Dennis (2027)
    Johnson, David (2027)
    Kletcke, Bob (2027)

  • Kunkel, Greg (2027)
  • Pieper, Don (2025)
    Rich, Jerry (2027)
    Roseman, Joseph (2025)
    Schiene, Marty (2025)
    Williams, Bruce (2027)
    Zender, Bob (2027)